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PASCOM develops engineered audio reinforcement and visual display systems for challenging architectural environments.

This year, PASCOM is celebrating its 30th anniversary as the Scandone family marks a milestone 92 years of continuous service in the sound and video contracting industry.

Our edge in design and integration is the product of applied physics, our extensive experience with the industry's most advanced electro-acoustic technologies, along with our ability to identify and understand the complications that are unique with each gathering space.  

PASCOM's clientele include: Sacred Spaces, Auditoriums,  Federal and State Courtrooms,  Indoor and Outdoor - Athletic Facilities, Multipurpose Spaces, and Venues for the Performing Arts. 

Our History

​The Scandone family has been in the business of sound since 1922, when my grandfather, Salvatore Scandone, Sr. became fascinated by the emergence of radio and sound amplification.

Salvatore experimented with the earliest available components of his time and eventually founded the M & S Sound company named after he and his wife Mary. Salvatore would go on to design, install, and rent the very first audio systems used commercially throughout New Haven County, on the colleges campuses of Yale University, and in the area's houses of worship.

PASCOM Sound was established in 1983 by my father, the late Peter A. Scandone, Sr., Salvatore's youngest son. Peter's ambition, after spending most of his career as a co-owner of M & S Sound, was to dramatically improve the capability and the integration of the systems he designed. After developing his plan, Peter Sr. set out and launched his new company.

After completing my degree in applied physics and mathematics, I joined my father, and with our combined talent's developed the next and subsequent generations of audio systems that our valued clientele rely on year after year, decade after decade.  Their trust in us has changed the landscape of the audio industry throughout Connecticut, and beyond.

Today, three generations and 92 years later, PASCOM proudly continues in the traditions of my father and grandfather.

Peter A. Scandone, Jr.
President and Systems Engineer

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The Connecticut Tennis Center at Yale University
New Haven, CT
Sterling Memorial Library - Nave - New Haven, CT
Announcement and Paging System
Loudspeaker Array: Tannoy Model Q-flex 24

East Haven Performing Arts Center
East Haven, CT
Loudspeaker Array: L-C-R - Electro-Voice - Custom Clusters